Custom Pineapple Sunday by Pops KoAloha


Made in HAWAII (USA)


・ Size: Tenor

・ Fret: 20 frets

・ Fret band: Made of Hawaiian Koa wood (5,7,10,12 frets) * 1

・ US Uke.SA with special warranty card / Koa wood

* 1. Because of its excellent visibility, it has become easier and faster to move to the image position. As a result, it contributes to improved playability.

This is a new idea for a fret marker introduced by Uke.SA, a ukulele maker in Hawaii, presided by POPS KOALOHA. All other ukulele brands use Avalon dots etc. for position marks. This feature is therefore revolutionary for the ukulele industry. In addition, the ebony fretboard and the Hawaiian Koa fretband form a striped pattern for a high visual quality.


【Important Notices】

1. This product is a model with various variations. Therefore, it may be changed, modified or suspended without notice.

2. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, transportation charges, raw materials, etc., sales prices may change without notice.

3. This product photo is the actual product. Please check the grain pattern.


  • Wood and Materials used

    1. Top board

    "Hawaiian Carly Koa" with a unique curly hair configuration

    As rare as the top “Hawaiian Carly Koa” wood with a beautiful maple.

    2. Backboard

    As rare as the top “Hawaiian Carly Koa”

    It is a beautiful Hawaiian Koa wood in a grain.

    Roundback structure (improves volume, sound quality, etc.)

    3. Body sideboard

    A rare “Hawaiian Curly Koa” is used.

    A beautiful pattern is appearing.

    With Ebony side stripes.

    4. Fretboard (fingerboard)

    MacArthur / Gabon's Ebony / Original

    5. Fret band

    Hawaiian Koa wood (5,7,10,12 frets)

    Excellent visibility contributes to improved playability.

    6. Bridge

    Same Ebony as fretboard

    7. Neck

    Select Mahogany

    8. Head

    Designed with pineapple's pointed leaves.

    With a cute and colorful pineapple logo.

    9. Custom labels

    Maple (in the sound hole)

    POPS personal logo signing.

    The date on which the ukulele was made is described.


    Size and Weight

    Length: 65cm
    Full width: 19cm
    Weight: 650g