Papaloha Hui Model by Pops KoAloha


Made in HAWAII (USA)


【Important Notices】

1. This product is a model with various variations. Therefore, it may be changed, modified or suspended without notice.

2. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, transportation charges, raw materials, etc., sales prices may change without notice.

3. The grain pattern of the product photo differs from the actual product because it depends on the material.

HUI (Peg : Rear Setting)

  • The Hui model is a 16 fret with an additional fret of the Wow model. When you first get it, you will be surprised by its lightness. Creates a beautiful and unforgettable sound while being a standard size ukulele. The tone is endlessly clear and bright. In addition, the compatibility with the low G string is also wonderful, and the thick reverberation of the bass and the bright reverberation of the high range are just amazing.

    The fingerboard will be available in either Hawaiian Koa or Ebony. Hui offers a wider sound range with four additional frets in addition to the sound quality of Wow. In addition, the cutaway specification allows easy fingering up to the high position.

    Hui means a group or collective effort to express unity in Hawaiian language. I designed a logo font on the head of the ukulele, using Hawaiian flower hibiscus as a motif and expressing the islands of Hawaii with individual petals. With the integration of the sound you once played and stirred, the power of this ukulele will keep your heart in mind.
    Pops KoAloha (Alvin Okami)


    Size: Standard (Soprano)
    Body: Cutaway specification

    Fret: 16 frets


    Wood and materials used
    (a) Neck: Pine
    (b) Fingerboard: Hawaiian Koa or Ebony
    (c) Body surface: Spruce
    (d) Body side & Back: Carefully selected pine
    (e) Bridge: Hawaiian Koa
    (f) String: Finest fluorocarbon
    (g) Nut & saddle: Graphtec


    Size and weight

    Length: 53cm
    Full width: 18cm
    Weight: 400g